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Contact Marcia Wilson Holliway via email at marciartsy@itsinthewindstudio.com

or via phone at 605-521-4255

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     As an artist, one of my favorite things to do is to try new mediums and techniques. I started painting in “Plein Air” (painting outdoors) in 2004; it’s been a perfect blend of my love for God’s creation and His gift to me of creativity.

     Although challenging, my spin on “Plein Air” is enjoyable.  These Plein Air vignettes were created while traveling the back roads of South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. I attempted to draw what I saw from the backseat of my husband’s Harley Davidson going anywhere from 35 to 80 miles per hour.


     The idea for this experiment all started ...

...on a windy day in May 2011, while returning home to Sioux Falls, SD after a graduation party in Iowa.  I was forced to tuck down low and hang on tight so as to not be "blown" off our hog.  While doing so, my view was limited.  I could either close my eyes or look at the hundreds of scenes framed in by our rear view mirror.  I chose the latter and it was an amazing sight!  I immediately knew that I had to find a way to capture these scenes on paper the next time we went for a ride.

     On many Sunday afternoon rides I would dress in jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, glasses, my black leather Harley boots, sometimes a jacket and do-rag and always a brain bucket with my homemade sketch pad tied to my wrist (so as to not lose it) and a black felt tip marker in my hand (I've lost a few of those).


     Once I saw a scene that inspired me, I would start my “gesture” or "scribble" drawings.  Later in my studio, at times,  I would add color using several different mediums including watercolor, colored pencil, pastels, homemade walnut ink and Conte Crayons.

  Knowing full well, looking at a painting is NOT the same as experiencing/creating it yourself, I do hope you enjoy looking at my 4.5" x 4.5" vignettes.